The Next Generation of Learners (Promo)

Promotion video for event ChangSchoolTalks 2015
 Daniil Novikov
Writer: Joanna Tsanis
Producer: Naza Djafarova
Client: ChangSchoolTalks, Ryerson University


Hi, my name is Isabelle and I am your host for ChangSchoolTalks.  Are you surprised? Yeah – me too. But after all – it is all about me and my future.

The real surprise here is the name of the topic: Digital Learning Reimagined?

How are all these people gonna re-imagine education?
Aren’t they a little old for that?

This guy (focus on Jeremy) wants to use COMPUTER GAMES to teach?

Yeah! Great choice! 
Might as well release puppies through the halls.

And what on earth is a MOOC?


Sounds like a weird animal from the rainforest.

This lady wrote a book on ‘Teaching Machines’.

Have we learned nothing from Hollywood movies?
Robots are never a good idea.

Well I guess we’ll figure this all out at the ChangSchoolTalks.

But just one more thing… what is continuing education anyway?
Continue for how long?

I mean, I like learning… but if I’m not home in time for my cartoons…. we’re going to have a problem. A big problem!